Softening barriers

10 am
First Interview of the day with the wonderful Nelly Carrasco of Radio “Nuevo Mundo” (=New World).

Amaro pulled it off last night when we were sitting together at the Casa del Sol. Other than a few band members noone had come to the screening. They provided uas the with room, but it’s understandable that they were so busy organizing their concert two nights before that they didn’t have enough time and energy to generate a bigger audience for WITHIN THE FLOW OF LIFE. IMG_3494webStill, it’s a good thing that thanks to the occasion we have more time to talk which might soon lead to more collaborations – in the case of Edaniel very soon!
Nelly is one of those people that do their job out of pure passion and joy. Everyone of her questions shows her personal interests and her curiosity about life. That hour in the studio just flies by. Under these circumstance I speak the best Spanish of my life so far! The whole thing is going to air Saturday the 13th and 10 am Chile time (streaming link coming up).

12 noon
Interview with a newspaper journalist at the Casa Bolivar, venue for tonight’s film screening. The journalist is in a rush as we arrive (on time) and should already be some place else. He hasn’t seen the film yet and I doubt he will find the time to do so. However, I find these conversations interesting and regard them as a beautiful personal and professional challenge. Curious, what he is going to write!

5 pm
Interview for internet TV. Both guys are part of the ultra-leftist movement. Up until today, the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile is present in many ways, be it in the constitution or in political counter movements that were formed back them, and whose social concerns (such as education) have yet to be enforced. Some of those counter movements are as extreme today as in their early days. Those who want to be heard, have to speak up. That means that some of the barriers are quite hardened.
They try to present my film and my work as something that accuses and is anti-system. However, Edaniel and I succeed in maintaining a playful and light attitude without getting into that combat energy, still taking stand for our work and for who we are.

Film screening at the Casa Bolivar, organized by Edaniel’s aunt, with whom we marched in the memorial walk to the cemetary on Sunday. I have never shown my work in front of such a politically clearly defined audience beofre. They don’t, however, just sit through the statements that are sometimes a bit dreamy. They let it affect them and ask interesting and very direct questions in the talk that follows the screening. Why I don’t keep campaigning for the topic and the places in Patagonia? Why I don’t go into the situation of farmers and workers, but have chosen those specific people? And finally: if I call my work anti-capitalist? I breathe in deeply and think for a moment. No, I don’t. The audience smiles, but not maliciously. They listen as I go into more detail:
Through my work and because I have chosen that specific life style I am fortunate to be able to see a lot of different things. I am curious and look around. A lot of the things I see keep inspiring me. I see many things in this world that are not healthy, yet also a lot I regard as good and healthy for myself, mankind, the planet, society as a whole. That comes from a lot of different directions. For me it’s about picking these things and create something completely new – or not necessarily new, only that combination and flexibility.

After this day I am tired, filled with contentment about the fact that I have succeeded in taking a step toward softening emotional or clearly defined boundaries and toward communicating with one another. Because this for me is an important first step when finding solutions for everyone’s well-being. The people tonight have shown openness in return for me being willing to openly show who I am.
Never before have I presented myself as fully both as a human being and as a director like that day in Santiago de Chile. I feel a certain pride to master this how I have always demanded to do deep inside. Finally!