Ready, steady, go!

On August 7 Edaniel gets a phone call from Alvaro from the Chilean band Sol y Lluvia. Edaniel has composed the unique soundtrack to “Within the Flow of Life”.

The night before he heard the music, saw the images and now wants to meet with us. Interesting. In the evening we meet with Amaro at the Centro Once in Vienna, where they are playing a concert later on that night. Amaro would like to show parts of the film together with the music at their concert in the National Stadium of Santiago de Chile September 6th. We are almost speechless. Happy. Too bad, we won’t be able to be there…

Or will we? The next day we book a surprisingly cheap flight. Within less than 4 weeks we organize several screenings for the 7 days we will spend together in and around Santiago. On Monday I receive a letter from the regional governement of Upper Austria that they are going to pay for part of the travel expenses – relieve!

And now we are on our way! Rockstar-Feeling with a tight schedule on our minds, curious how the Chilean audiences are going to receive the presentations. My dream to personally bring the film back to Chile, where almost four years ago I started shooting, is now becoming reality!