Rain and tears in La Piedra Feliz

The first breeze is mire refreshing and colder than expected, as we get off the plain in Santiago after travelling 24hours and after a marvellous approach over the snow-covered mountains.

We continue to Valparaíso right away. Here we are welcomed by wet cold wheather – pouring rain for more than a week already! I am glad to have gotten to know the true sunny sides and creative energy of the city already.From my hotel room I hear the beeping cranes in the port, the sound of the huge engines of gigantic cargo ships. Many things remind me of the beginning of the journey that led WITHIN The FLOW OF LIFE to happen. In Valparaíso I stepped on Chilean soil, spent a whole day here before continuing to Santiago and finally further south. Now, almost four years later, the spontaneous Chile tour is starting in the same city. That is something special.

“Special” is also the word to be used for the venue of this first evening: La Piedra Feliz – one of the most beautiful dtraditional buildings of Valparaíso situated directly on the street passing the port, legendary venue for eventz for almost 20 years now. Every night there are concerts, films, salsa classes, drum ‘n bass DJs, exhibitions, a restaurant… every artist in Chile has some kind of connection with the place.

The building once belonged to an Italian family, was a hotel at one point and transmits an atomsphere that during the day seems a bit gloomy and dismal (at least on a rainy day like this), like a haunted house that doesn’t let you leave. At night it abounds with enegy, joy and is evidence of a unique generation spanning cooperation.

After our long journey, Edaniel and I are very tired. But all of the sudden, Milena is standing in front of me. What a surprise! Milena and I met during my stay in Pumalin Park. A person you meet and just have to feel connected with and grateful for. She has come to watch the film and see me again. For a moment I do not feel tired at all. As we say hello and hug each other, tears of joy are running down my cheeks, like the rain outside the window.

It is the first time that the film is shown in Chile in my presence. I have felt a bit anxious how the Chileans would take it, and am grateful and relieved how everyone is sitting there devoutly after the film. A succesful start that encourages and makes me look forward even more to the next few days ahead – also to returning to La Piedra Feliz and Valparaíso with new projects!

But first sleep! Finally a bed again!