Patagonian Epilogue

Every day I realize a bit more, how special the time in Patagonia was. If I will ever be able to fully grasp it?

Certain things in my life have become more important than ever before, others have completely lost their importance.I am starting to understand that feeling that kept overwhelming me down in Chile’s south: perplexity and anxiety that kept coming up like out of nowhere. I didn’t and I don’t understand, how some people can take the right to naturally destroy things. Destruction is omnipresent in Patagonia – despite of its beauty. Or maybe because of its beauty it’s more obvious. Patagonia is really magical. Magically beautiful. Magically salutary. Magically intangible.

Luckily I hate eaten Calafate berries in various forms! They say that whoever eats Calafate berries will come back. Berries, Calafate marmalade, Calafate ale, Calafate liqueur, Calafate cake!

When I reached Cabo Froward, the southernmost point of the American continent, and slept right on the beach, looking at the Magellan Strait, the wish of returning home grew stronger and stronger. I looked out at the sea, where the Atlantic and Pacific meet, and with every container ship passing by it became bigger. Going home. And finishing the film to show all of you images to transport that fascination. To show how unbelievable beautiful the planet that we live on is. To share some experiences and thoughts with you. With all the people that will see the film.

So I started heading up north in order to also visit Bolivia, while Gregor stayed in Patagonia. One more time, however, I had to go back! Was the Calafate liqueur or the Calafate cake responsible for that? Arriving by ship in Puerto Montt I decided to once again go on the arduous trip to Coyhaique in order to find out more about the possible impacts of the dams in the Río Baker on its eco-system from Brian, a scientist. Brian wouldn’t believe that I had undertaken the journey once more just because of him. But to visit the Alerce trees one more time, Chaitén and the Carretera Austral was worth every minute of the trip! And I was happy! Every day I remember and yurn to go back. The memories will be a big part of me. Patagonia has changed me. For that I am greatful. I hope that I will keep that gratitude within me for a long time. It makes life unbelievably rich and valuable!