Memorial march & dried fruit

One event is followed by another! Today we are participating in the annual march commemorating the coup of 1973.

Edaniel’s aunt is very active in that regard; her husband was killed back then, she was pregnant, and she keeps a politically active life until this day. Different leftist groups have come together to march three hours until they reach the cemetary, where they remember the “Desaparecidos” (the disapeared ones) and those who were killed.

They are chanting slogans, singind, but unfortunately there are aggressive people that don’t belong to a certain movement. At first, everything is peaceful and it makes for a powerful image how the different groups are walking in the same direction on this one day. As the street gets quite narrow, Edaniel’s aunt warns that this is where every year it gets precarious. As soon as she has said this, hooded males dressed in black run through the marching crowd, start rioting shops and go on about things. Just there is a tank with water cannons. Fortunately were are a few hundred metres further ahead and start running. As far away as possible from this aggression that defeats the purpose of this march. I did have a strange feeling before and didn’t necessarily feel the need to participate, now I know why. It’s not all that bad, but the energy is fierce.

At the cemetary it gets calmer. The invidual groups seperate to meet at the graves of their affilliated making more announcements. Together with Edaniel’s aunt we visit the grave of Victor Jara and are finally on our way to the Cajón the Maipo, situated about one and a half hours outsife of Santiago to visit Roberto and finally hand him a DVD. Eventhough he is part of the film he hasn’t seen it yet, because he has been waiting for me to deliver his copy in person. His wife Cristi has cooked a delicious meal, after whcih they proudly show us their solar panels, fruit trees, a solar oven, a site to dry fruit and what else they experiment with on their lot. I don’t know what to do with all these inspirations!