Live at the Stadium!

The day of the concert has arrived! The sun is shining, birds a singing, a beautiful spring morning in Santiago.

Tonight Edaniel is going to sing “Caminos de Encontrar” live at the stadium! There is no time for a sound check, because they are a bit behind constructing the stage. It’s not just any conert; Sol y Lluvia are organizing this evening on their own risk, without sponsors like normally when doing an event of this size in order to manage the organizational and financial efforts.
The band became famous because of their resistence during the Pinochet regime, but they never went into exile. They were against the system, but too well-known, popular and well-organized to be put eliminated just like that. For us in Europe this is hard to imagine. I am impressed by the power and courage to realize something like that. Out of your own strength! That again gives me more energy to continue with my own path.

Before the concert, as opening act so to say, we are showing WITHIN THE FLOW OF LIFE on the big screen, but after 15 minutes I find it better to stop the film. It’s not the right atmosphere for a feature documentary in front of the people who are anticipating a night with “their” band. However, it’s good to show some of it – almost deliberate provocation!

Amaro of Sol y Lluvia sings six songs and introduces Edaniel talking about their tour around Europe, where they happened to meet this talented singer of Chilean origin.

Edaniel is very brave! All alone he is standing up on this stage in the stadium, singing a song he has never before performed live, which isn’t meant for that either. He only wrote it for the film. I am so proud and grateful that this collaboration is drawing bigger circles than expected and than I hoped for two years after the premiere! And emotionally I am a bit overstrained, listening to the song under theses circumstances. I think I will only realize the significance of these three minutes on my way back home.