Jetlag at the studio

Our own house in a nice neighbourhood in Santiago, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Everything is working out really well, not thoroughly planned, but despite or because of that flowing smoothly. It’s this unorganized order of the Latinos that I always find so fascinating.

We get to Santiago in the late morning and move into our house in the Ñuñoa neighbourhood that Roberto, whom I interviewed back then for WITHIN THE FLOW OF LIFE, and his wife have kindly offered us to stay at. Then we head for the Casa del Sol. On our way there we walk through a part of town I disn’t know yet, through pretty streets, passing galleries, a cinema, nice shops. Passing by I also by a sweater, from a Chilean designer. It is colder than I had bee expecting, I can need that sweater. The air is like in Austria in March, but palmtrees mark the picture, for the sun is stronger here.

In the Casa del Sol we run across Amaro, the head of Sol y Lluvia and of this ciltural centre. He sees me and knows who I am right away. How happy he is for us to be here! Every hour it becomes more and more apparent how good it is that we have come here. However, it needed initiative on our side, this inner urge and encouragement of dear ones. Acknowledgement on the outside follows immidiately:

Amaro and the other band members want us to participate more and therefore include WITHIN THE FLOW OF LIVE and us as artists and people more in the evening. How? You will read about that tomorrow.

It needs some more preparation, so we spend 4 hours in the sound engineer’s studio. Edaniel is mastering, I am editing, accompagnied by our friend  Mr. Jetlag. Zzzzzzz…….