Within the Flow of Life

WITHIN THE FLOW OF LIFE is a film about the equilibrium on earth, between nature, mankind, politics and business – a film about how all being is connected. You can now watch the complete film on youtube! (click here) For DVD orders, please write to info(a) (subtitles in English, German and Spanish) – the DVD cover was produced “Cradle To Cradle”   The people we meet in the film are connected by a river, the free impetous, turquois Baker River that fascinates travelers from all over the world, at least the few that make it to the Carretera Austral. The film is a personal insight into the lives of people that live in harmony with nature and with their own nature, being grateful and joyful. They seem to life isolated lives away from civilisation, but nothing can be looked at as being seperate on […]