Rain and tears in La Piedra Feliz

The first breeze is mire refreshing and colder than expected, as we get off the plain in Santiago after travelling 24hours and after a marvellous approach over the snow-covered mountains. We continue to Valparaíso right away. Here we are welcomed by wet cold wheather – pouring rain for more than a week already! I am glad to have gotten to know the true sunny sides and creative energy of the city already.From my hotel room I hear the beeping cranes in the port, the sound of the huge engines of gigantic cargo ships. Many things remind me of the beginning of the journey that led WITHIN The FLOW OF LIFE to happen. In Valparaíso I stepped on Chilean soil, spent a whole day here before continuing to Santiago and finally further south. Now, almost four years later, the spontaneous Chile tour is starting in the […]


Homeward Journey

The journey from La Paz to Sao Paolo in Brazil takes three whole days. There is so much that I still don’t know in Bolvia, therefore I visit two Italian friends in Cochabamba, where the people succesfully stroke back against the privatization of water (even rain fall) in the year 2000.