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Our Children explores existing models of early childcare in three different countries and provokes new ideas to solve the problem of juggling family and career in a healthy way – as well as looking at ways of reaching gender equality.

Early childhood daycare seems to be the ultimate solution when it comes to equal opportunities for women and men. Critics, however, question it’s cure-all potential. Some see the rising numbers of people diagnosed with ADHD or addictions as a result of missing relationships with parents or another person of trust . Who takes care of the needs of our children and helps build the foundation of their entire future lives? How can we provide for the basic needs of the youngest members of our society within our social and work environment while living-up to the ever-growing demands of our day-to-day lives?

Our Children follows infants and parents in three different countries over the course of their first year together. They all face the same questions: How are we expected to create gender equality, achieve financial security for young families, and be present (emotionally and physically) for our children at the same time?

Kat Rohrer