On pausing while going for my vision

Do you have those days as well? You get up in the morning and don’t really know where to start. Nothing feels important to do, it’s like it doesn’t matter anyway, because there is no obvious need to act. It might be stronger in my case: being a freelance many-things. There are long-term goals in my life, a vision I have been following and slowly taking one step after the other. Sometimes, however, I don’t know what the next stop should be. Or I feel like I don’t actually have to take a step today. On a Sunday, that is absolutely alright, but on a Monday morning like today, in our work-oriented society I don’t really allow myself to pause. Especially at the moment, where I am going for a big project and there is actually a whole lot to do.

This is when I can turn all my spiritual knowledge into action and practice what I have been preaching myself in treatments and seminars. There are days that I get incredibly desperate for results. I want to have proof, to myself and others – family and friends – that what I am doing in life is good, important, oh-so-special. What would proof that? Ideally awards and money. But on days where my dear friend Ego seeks proof, awards and money are far, far away. What can I do? Breathe. And really just try to enjoy the cold, the warm, the sun, the rain… whatever there is on a day like this. It does get easier with time, but also more obvious when I don’t succeed in just „being“ because I start to really not like myself!

So what else will I do today? I will really try to write a few phrases that make sense to me, watch another hour of material from the footage of my new documentary SALIDA, eat something really delicious, smile at the people around me and try to listen. Maybe they have something to say that triggers more peaceful sentiments within…