Feeling whole in the City

Four years I lived in the Austrian country side. Twice I spent more than half a year in Latin America during that time. Last June I moved back to Vienna, the city where I grew up. Never have I felt that happy here, at peace, and at the same time appreciating what the city has to offer. For me, it’s where I feel I need to be right now. For how long? No idea, but at the moment, it’s my base.

One thing I learned while living in the country side was being alone. Being alone without necessarily feeling lonely. I admit that this can still be quite a challenge sometimes… The city makes it easy to get distracted. There is always something to do, someone to meet, but is this really always that fulfilling? I choose to spend a lot of time outside of the city as well, in nature, and now, with winter approaching, I found the place I had been asking for: Bali Yoga Wien in the 4th district. As the days were starting to become shorter I thought to myself that I would finally like to dedicate myself to Yoga more. I have been practicing on and off and felt that dedicating a decent amount of time to myself a few times a week by practicing Yoga would help me not to get distracted. I didn’t know where to go and thought that it needed to be somewhere and with teachers where I felt a certain kind of connection. Voilá! About 3 weeks ago this place opens basically next door. I walk in and know right away: this is what I have been looking for. Yes, it takes a lot of time to practice, but does it really take away time from what I need to do? It might look like it from the outside, but I feel that my whole being profits from it immensely. It is hard to describe…  I might just say: yes, I feel whole. It’s work, it’s intense, sometimes I feel really tired. Last week I constantly had a slight headache, a sign of detoxing.

That’s what I love about being back in the city: from all the things it has to offer, it’s up to me to choose.

By the way: This Saturday, October 25th, Bali Yoga Wien is having an opening party with classes all day and a lunch buffet. Everyone is welcome to check it out. See you there! Program for Saturday: www.facebook.com/BaliYogaVienna