A word with many different connotations and feelings to it: discipline.

Path 1.
Have a vision, make it a goal that I want to reach. Come up with a plan, a schedule. Go for it. Every day work on it. Hours. Train. Work. Review. Reflect. Train harder. Work more. Reach your goal. Check.

– Exhaustion!!! And not much fun. Many people, and a part of me still, is convinced that this is how you have to go on in order to accomplish something and actually get credit for it.


Path 2.
Have a vision, imagine how it FEELS like to be there. Be aware of it. Look around you. Make space for that vision. Even come up with a percentage of how much of your energy you want to put in it. Make more room for that vision. Work on it. Dedicate time and energy to it. Stay balanced. Nourish yourself. Review and reflect on intermediate results, if necessary change amount of time and energy you want to put in. Work on it. ENJOY what you do. Get distracted. Enjoy what you do. Review and reflect again. Correct path… Get lost. Cry. Laugh. Live. Oh! Suprise! Goal reached! You are living your vision!

I think many projects follow path 2. They are often more quiet, don’t make that much noise about their accomplishments, more humble, peaceful. Happy!

I am trying to go for number 2. How that is working for me? Great! Is it easy? No! Do I struggle? Yes! Do I grow? Definitely! When will I reach my goal? No idea! But I KNOW I am more disciplined now in reflecting and making room again for that vision to grow! Yes, discipline. Discipline but also self-awareness. And I add little routines that trigger that sense of discipline in a natural and fun way. On one hand it’s that regular Yoga practice I started less than a month ago, combining it with a 5-week detoxication, which makes me have to focus on what is necessary. Second, there is this blog I am trying to publish something interesting, readable and worth sharing that makes me sit down every day and dedicate time to my thoughts and ideas. And all of the sudden, I make more room than before for my film project again, enjoying it so much more and progressing.

There is an endless possibility of paths you can take to make your dreams come true. I believe that discipline is necessary and a key feature, but in a rather soft way, not ruling out for the goal to be adapted, because like this I invite help into my life and, who knows, maybe it gets me there more easily than I thought in moments of crisis….